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n15 – از پاییزِ گذشته، عبور کردم : I Walked Past Autumn

چاپ: تابلو شاسی 30×20 سانتی‌متر
چاپ: تابلو شاسی 40×30 سانتی‌متر
چاپ: تابلو شاسی 60×40 سانتی‌متر

مشخصات اصل نقاشی:

  • از پاییزِ گذشته، عبور کردم : I Walked Past Autumn
  • 2015, Oil Paint, 70cm×50cm 1394 رنگ روغن
  • اثر استاد فرشاد فردابراهیمی


تابلوشاسی دکوراتیو:

  • در سایزهای 20×30، 30×40 و 40×60
  • با بهترین کیفیت چاپ
  • مناسب برای دکور منزل و محل کار شما



A beautiful painting depicting one of the four temperate seasons the autumn,also known as fall in northern America.

The colorful leaves create a beautiful contrast to the leaves that have yet to transform, leaving their green identity behind to become brilliant golds, oranges, reds and browns.

The stunning sky gives one that feeling of being able to smell the autumn.

A walk past autumn simply means that a person chooses to be more assertive to move on, move forward to meet the next season rather than sit around and allow the seasons to pass by.

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